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Cadet Executive Staff Applications

Cadet Executive Staff Applications OPEN!

The 14th Cadet Training Group is now accepting applications for Cadet Executive Staff for the 2022 Kansas Wing Encampment! The Cadet Commander will be selected July 15, 2022. The C/DCO and C/DCS will be selected by the Encampment Commander, Commandant of Cadets, and Cadet Commander on July 31, 2022. All Executive Staff applications are due June 30, 2022. 

Positions Available

Cadet Commander

This position is the ultimate challenge for the cadet officer. It is a test of leadership skill, especially the ability to articulate a vision and execute a plan. The Cadet Commander leads the Cadet Training Group and exercises command over all other cadet staff and students in their charge. The Cadet Commander will work directly with the Encampment Commander and Commandant of Cadets to ensure the success of the activity. The Cadet Commander will also ensure that the needs of their staff and students are met, alongside the Senior staff.

Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations

The C/DCO assists the Cadet Commander in overseeing Squadron and Flight staff, and managing student affairs. Squadron Commanders direct report to the C/DCO, and this executive will assist the Cadet Commander in setting goals for the activity.

Cadet Deputy Commander for Support

The C/DCS assists the Cadet Commander in overseeing mission support staff, such as administration, personnel, logistics, and public affairs. Section leaders direct report to the C/DCS, and this executive will assist the Cadet Commander in ensuring mission support functions operate successfully. 


  • Earhart Award recipient (prior to start of Encampment)
  • Experience as an activity Flight Commander or OIC preferred
  • Kansas Wing Cadet preferred
  • Home unit Cadet Commander experience preferred
  • Available to attend staff training, November 12-13, 2022 in Salina, KS
  • Available to attend entire activity, December 26, 2022 through January 3, 2023
  • Full position descriptions can be found in CAPP 60-31, Appendix 1

Application Instructions

  1. Write a short letter of intent describing the position you are seeking and why you are seeking it.
  2. Combine the letter of intent with your resume into a single PDF document named [LastName][CAPID].
  3. Send the PDF as an attachment to encampment@kswg.cap.gov with the subject line "Cadet Executive Staff Application [Rank][LastName][FirstName]"



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