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Encampment Packing List

Packing List

This list details the items that must be brought to encampment and items that are prohibited.


The following items are prohibited and will be confiscated at in-processing.

  • Food and drink of any kind

  • Weapons/blades of any kind (including pocket knives and scissors)

  • Liquid shoe polish

  • Lighters, matches, and other fire hazards

  • Cell phones, laptops, handheld consoles, and other devices

Note that devices will be stored securely for the duration of encampment. Kansas Wing CAP is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Notes for All Attendees

  • New shoes are NOT recommended for this activity. Shoes should be broken in beforehand. However, old worn out shoes can be just as detrimental. They will put a lot of miles on their shoes at encampment. Sending a cadet to encampment with shoes that will fall apart while they are there is not recommended.

  • Attempt to mark all clothing items with name (Including all ABU components).

  • While we try to provide a comprehensive list, your individual needs may not be addressed.

  • You will be expected to transport your own luggage, on your own, during and after in-processing. Pack accordingly.

  • This is a winter encampment in Kansas. The temperature has varied from 0 to 60 degrees, and the weather from rain to snow to ice. Wind is a given. Pack accordingly.

    • Members who do not have or are unable to acquire a USAF all-weather coat or topcoat must still bring a coat. Authorized civilian coats are single color, properly fitting coats with no logos or writing on the back. Small, subdued logos on the chest are authorized.

    • The safety of members against the elements is a priority. Do not come without proper protection.

  • CAP Regulation 39-1 should be referenced for any uniform items in question.

  • The most often forgotten items:

    • Athletic shoes

    • ABU-compliant boots

    • Shower shoes

    • Deodorant

    • Underwear

    • Socks

    • ABU cover

    • Flight cap

  • Kansas Wing supply cannot meet everyone's needs. Recommended practice is to (literally) dress yourself into each uniform, then pack items as you remove them, ensuring that all components are included.

  • Travel in the PT uniform. Cadets will change into each uniform during in-processing to check if all components are present.

  • Missing uniform components must be shipped from home at the member's expense.

  • Items not listed below are either provided or not needed. Pack all of what's on the list and only what's on the list.

  • Students will be provided with sheets and pillowcases. Staff must bring their own.

  • Double check your packing with a second person to ensure that you have everything.

Required Items for All Attendees

Clearly label all items with your name and CAPID, if possible.

General Items

  • 1 canteen (with belt) or water bladder (example: CamelBak, Hydrapak, or other brands)

  • 1 laundry bag

  • 1 pocket-sized notebook

  • 2 new pens, black ink

  • 1 shoe shine kit (carnauba wax only, no liquid polish)

  • Sunscreen, SPF 30 or better

  • Toiletries

    • Shampoo

    • Body wash or soap

    • Toothbrush

    • Toothpaste

    • Comb or brush

    • Deodorant

    • Shaving items (if needed)

    • Foot powder

  • 1 bath towel, white

  • 1 washcloth, white

  • 1 package of moleskin

  • 1 pair shower shoes

  • 4 clothes hangers, matching in color

  • 1 blanket, single conservative color (blue, green, black, white, off-white, etc.)

  • 1 Pillow

  • Chapstick

  • 1 Flashlight

  • Safety vest, ANSI class 2 or better, orange or yellow in color (Vanguard sells these if you cannot find one)

  • Necessary prescription medication in original containers with labels

    • Seal in a plastic bag and write your name and CAPID on the outside.

  • 8 pairs underwear

  • 1 week's worth of facemasks, cloth or surgical (cloth preferred), in 39-1 compliant colors (black suggested for compatibility with all uniforms)

  • Hairspray, hairpins, feminine hygiene products (female cadets)


Include hard copies of all documents, even those you have already emailed to encampment staff.

Physical Training Uniform

  • 8 pairs athletic socks, white

  • 2 pairs athletic sweatpants, black

    • Optional: athletic shorts, black (PTU will be used as sleepwear)

  • 2 athletic t-shirts, black

  • 1 pair athletic shoes

  • 1 light jacket or sweatshirt, with hood, black

Airman Battle Uniform

  • 2 ABU coats

  • 2 ABU pants

  • 4 t-shirts, desert tan

  • 1 ABU cover

  • 1 rigger belt, desert tan

  • 1 pair blousing bands or straps

  • 8 pairs boot socks, black

  • 1 pair boots, black

  • 1 fleece jacket, sage green

    • 1 nametape, hook and loop backing

    • 1 Civil Air Patrol branch tape, hook and loop backing

  • 1 pair winter gloves, black or sage green

  • 1 watch cap, black or sage green

  • 1 pair rank insignia

    • First sergeants: ensure lozenges on rank

    • SNCOs other than 1st Sgt: ensure NO lozenges on rank

Service Uniform

  • 1 flight cap with appropriate device

  • 3 t-shirts, v-neck, white

  • 1 USAF blue shirt, short-sleeved

  • 1 pair USAF blue pants (female cadets: no skirt)

  • 1 nameplate

  • Ribbon rack with ribbons and devices

  • 1 USAF blue belt with silver buckle and tip

  • 4 pairs dress socks, black

  • 1 pair low quarters, gloss finish, black (female members: no pumps or heels)

  • 1 USAF all-weather coat or topcoat

  • 1 pair rank insignia

    • Cadet and SM officers: include epaulet sleeves

    • First Sergeants: ensure lozenges on rank

    • SNCOs other than 1st Sgt: ensure NO lozenges on rank

Required Items for Staff

Cadet Cadre

  • Clipboard

  • Watch (digital or analog, no smartwatches)

  • Bedding (none provided)

  • Laptop with power cable (Cadet Public Affairs Officer only)

  • USAF blue necktie or tie tab

Senior Members

Your packing list is basically the same as the cadets and cadet cadre. However, you will be in charge of securing your own contraband. Since you will be in direct contact with cadets either on staff, and/or students, you are expected to refrain from using contraband items in their presence. You may certainly keep your cell phone if you have one, for your own use, or in case of an emergency. We ask that you provide encampment with your cell phone number, as an additional method to contact you.

Under no circumstances should a cadet be permitted to use your cell phone without prior permission from the encampment commander.

Optional Items

Cadet staff may opt for the service dress uniform for the dining in. Senior members may opt for mess dress or service dress for the dining in.

Please do not bring service caps for wear with any blues combination. Wear flight caps only.

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