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Operational Model

Operational Model

We exist to support these missions:

  • Aerospace Education
  • Cadet Programs
  • Emergency Services

In many cases, we will be the low-cost provider for our services, but that is not our operational constraint.  Our cost efficiency is inherent to our organization, funding model and minimal operating costs.

To the agencies that engage our services, we are considered as customer centric.  This is due to our adaptability, innovation and accommodating demeanor.  This is also inherent to our organization and culture.  Our funding model and operational limitations restrict the extent we can be truly customer centric.

Our uniforms, standard operational procedures and consistent service delivery suggest that we have adopted an operational excellence service delivery model.  Like the above described service models, this is woven within the Kansas Wing operational fabric.

The dominate operational model is product/service centric.  We exist to support the missions.  This is foundational and influences our operational decisions.  When operational plans require adaptation to a situation, this provides a baseline for determining the corrective course of action – determine what is the best course to complete the mission.

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