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15th KWTG Advanced Training Flight

The 15th Kansas Wing Training Group will host an Advanced Training Flight (ATF). We will be taking a deep dive into the events of the National Cadet Competition (referenced below) covering the do’s, don’ts, and best practices. Our goal is to provide cadets with the knowledge to prepare their team for the next competition. Cadets will receive hands-on training in each core event of the competition. Cadets will also be given a unique opportunity to understand what a judge considers when grading competitors.

To apply, click >>THIS LINK<< and answer the questions in the Google Form. Applicants selected (both student and cadre) will be notified as soon as possible.

Watch this page for updates.

Student $315
Cadre $200


For more information on the National Cadet Competition, see CAPP 60-75 for the NATIONAL CADET COMPETITION Program Guide 

 CAPP 60-75 1-5 EVENTS

To fulfill its mission and vision, the NCC program consists of the following core performance events for teams and numerous non-core events for individuals and small groups.

a.  Core Team Events.

Each team will compete in the following core events:


Indoor posting of the colors (4-cadet color guard)
Outdoor posting of the colors (4-cadet color guard)
Standard Drill (4-cadet team Standard Drill, and 6-cadet team Element Drill)
Team leadership problem Written exam 2
Uniform Inspection, (spot inspection and inspection preparation)


Written exam2

Fitness Test

Cadet physical fitness test, (Push Ups, Curl Ups, Sit and Reach and Mile Run)


Sportsmanship modification (administratively assessed, not a live event)

b.   Non-Core Events.

They are pre-selected events chosen by the NCC staff to include in the competition.
Each team is entitled to one slot in each non-core event.
The non-core events are:


Extemporaneous and impromptu public speaking (individual)


Model rocketry (2-cadet team)
Robotics (4-cadet team Rover Races, 2-cadet team Calculator-controlled robot)
Panel Quiz (4-cadet team each round, rotating 6 cadets through)
Aerospace/ES UAS – Using the STEM Drone, (4 cadets written exam from drone pilot course, 2 cadets flying drone mission)


Obstacle course or fitness circuit (4-cadet team, plus non-competitors)
Direction Finding Course (6-cadet team) Ref: CAPP2 CAP ELT/EPIRB SEARCH


Pre-competition service project, with oral presentation (2-cadet team)


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