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Operation Butter Bar

The initial engagement, training, and promotion of our newest members plays an important role in the overall successful membership experience of our dedicated volunteers. Studies have shown that when members are quickly engaged in professional development, placed into roles where their talents are put into use, and the member feels their time is respected and valued the chance of losing that volunteer will drop dramatically. Squadron Commanders are often swamped with reports, training requirements, and other projects that distract them from investing in our newest members. In an effort to help Squadron Commanders easily identify how they can engage these members; Operation Butter Bar 2022 was launched by the Kansas Wing Professional Development Team.

Operation Butter Bar 2022 identifies which members are ready to promote to the grades of 2nd Lieutenant and 1st Lieutenant. Additionally, each squadron was provided a detailed report of each new member’s progress towards completing Level 1 and Level 2 training of the CAP Professional Development Series. The color-coded reports can be used by squadron leadership to have discussions with members to help guide them along their paths towards advancement and member engagement. The overall goal of Operation Butter Bar 2022 is to ensure our newest members are properly on-boarded and provided their first steps towards becoming valuable members of the Civil Air Patrol and Total Force.

POC Maj Paul Saba paul.saba@kswg.cap.gov

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