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Director, Logistics

Colonel Tim Hansen


1990 Officer Basic Course
1990 Squadron Leadership School
1990 Corporate Leadership Course
1991 Regional Staff College
2004 National Check Pilot Standards Course
2005 ICS-300 Intermediate Incident Command
2008 ICS-400 Advanced Incident Command
2009 Operational Risk Management Basic
2009 Operational Risk Management Intermediate
2010 Inspector General Basic Course
2010 Investigating Officer Certification
2010 Subordinate Unit Team Member Certification
2010 Operational Risk Management Advanced
2010 Intro to CAP Safety

Assignments (current)
2020-present  KSWG Logistics Officer 
2004-present  KSWG Transportation Officer
2019-present  KSWG Inspector General team member
2016-present  FHCS Awards Review Board
2014-present  FHCS Unit Membership Board
2014-present  FHCS Promotion Review Board (Seniors)

Assignments (past)
1993-1995 Commander, Flint Hills Composite Squadron
1997-2000 Commander, Kansas Wing
1999-2002 Commander, National Blue Beret

Major Awards and Decorations
Air Force Excellence Award  2 Mar 18
Certificate of Lifesaving (3)
Commander Commendations Region (3),  Wing (13)
Distinguished Service Medal 15 May 00
Exceptional Service Award (5)
Frank Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award 14 May 94
Meritorious Service Award (6)
Property Management Office of the Year: Region 21 Aug 19
Senior Member of the Year: National 16 Aug 19

Effective Date of Promotion
LtCol 07 Mar 1996
Col 07 Mar 1997

(Current as of January 2021)

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