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January 2022

14 News - COVID Protection Change, KSWG Commander retirement, Web for Gov. Rel., Hangar Heroes - Late night missions, Brag Board - KS Soaring Award, Ops - Join Op with OKWG, ES - KDEM mission, STAFFEX, Cadet Programs - C/2d Lt Maximilian Beckley, C/SSgt Brechen Caruso

December 2021

31 Special Year End Edition

17 News - Wind storm, KSWG & ROTC in Salina, ES - Find, Cadet Programs - NCSA, Encampment

10 News - CAP 80th Anniversary, TLC Online, CAP on Parade, ES - Life Save, Cadet Programs - NCSA, Encampment

03 News - Crisis Service Ribbon, uniforms to worship, Hangar Heroes - Lt Col Richard Schroder, Answer the Call - Dir of Admin & Personnel, Ops - O-Flights, ES - Find, Cadet Programs - Encampment

November 2021

19 News - Remobilization, Answer the Call - Dir of Admin  & Personnel, AE Farpoint Observatory, Cadet Programs - Encampment

12 Hangar Heroes - Veterans, Brag Board - Life Save, ES - SAREX at St. Marys, KS, Cadet Programs - Encampment

05 News - Remobilization, Donation of sUAS to KSU, Command NCO, Legislative Squadron Commander, Cadet Programs - C/SSgt James Peterson, Jr, C/SSgt John Peterson, Encampment Cadet Leadership

October 2021

29 News - Remobilization for Phase 3, Vehicle Usage, Website addition, Brag Board - Alaska radio contact, ES - Konza Composite Squadron ES training, Cadet Programs - Program Enhancements, new regs

22  Brag Board - TOPCAT Comm Exercise, Lt Col Derek Montgomery promotion, KSWG Completes Annual Inventory, Cadet Programs - C/SSgt Jace Arellano, C/2d Lt Joseph Farthing

15 News - Girls in Aviation Day, Cadet Programs - C/SSgt Joseph Bacon, C/SSgt Brennon Nirenberg, Wing Conference,  KSWG Encampment

08  News - KSWG Conference, AE Director Change, Comm Org Changes, Answer the Call - Girl Scout Aviation Day Support, ES - SEDSR Award, New Link in WMIRS for Aircraft Mx Status, Cadet Programs - C/SSgt Colton Skaggs, KSWG Encampment

01  News - KSWG Conference, Brag Board - Lt Col Eric Shappee, Answer the Call - Girls in Aviation, Cadet Programs - C/2d Lt Paige Davis

September 2021

24  News - KSWG Conference, Brag Board - Maj Derek Montgomery 20-years, ES - Lt Col Doug Dutton National SITREP, Cadet Programs - C/2dLt Paige Davis

17 Cadet Programs - Regulation Changes

10  News - COVID-19 Phase Change, Website Update - IG, Answer the Call - FEMA Requests Hurricane Assistance, ES - SAREX 21-05 scope change

03  Brag Board - Capt Eduardo Matta baby announcement, Answer the Call - FEMA Requests Hurricane Assistance, ES - SAREX 21-05, Ground team - Squadron ,Cadet Programs - C/SSgt Blake Dires, C/SSgt Roger Buller II, C/SSgt Falon Darden

August 2021

27 News-National Blue Beret, COVID Vaccine, Yearend checklist, Hanger Heroes-C/CMSgt Davis, Wheels Up - Why do you stay?, Cadets - C/SSgt Jackson Wood

20  News-Dutton-Dir. Plans and Programs, Mathewson-Dir. Public Affairs, Brag Board-Trooper Furnas, Answer the Call-Dir. Safety, ES-PCR's TRACS, Cadets-Balloon Challenge, Cadet Competition

13  News - COVID Protection, Hangar Heroes-Lt Col Craig Butter, Brag Board, Maj Mathews promotion, Maj Davis promotion, Answer the call-CAC Representatives, Cadets-C/SSgt Akiume Butner 

6  News - AMMA, KDEM POCs, Facemasks, Answer the Call, Pulse Coordinator, ES-SAREX 21-05, FEMA Course, Cadets-C/2d Lt Daniel Richard Newallis

July 2021

30  News - Col Burgess Rennels New KSWG IG, Brag Board - Maj Samantha D Montgomery and Capt David S Patrzykont Promotions, C/Capt Jonathan Spoula and C/CMSgt Ian Farthing, cadre at MOWG Encampment, Answer the Call - Coordinator for Operation Pulse Lift, Wheels Up - Why I Serve, ES - SAREX 21-4 Manhattan, FEMA Course Announcement

23  News - KSWG Conference Save the Date, Hangar Heroes - Lt Col Danny Phillips, Answer the Call - KSWG Encampment Staff, ES - FEMA Course Announcement

16  News - General Aye (select) National Vice Commander, Answer the Call - Operation Pulse Lift Coordinator, ES - FEMA Course Announcement, Cadet Programs - C/Lt Col Sam Ritchie

09  News  News - Special T-Bird Briefing, Hangar Heroes - 4 July Mission, Brag Board - Letter form NHQ Health Services, North Central Region Glider Academy media coverage, Answer the Call - Operation Pulse Lift Coodinator, ES - FEMA Course Announcement, Cadet Programs - C/2d Lt Aidan Bridgman

02  News- Special T-Bird Briefing, Wheels Up - Remember Why You Joined, Cadet Programs - CP Officer's meeting rescheduled

June 2021

25  News - State Rep Presents Earhart Award, NCR Glider Academy Concludes, Lt Col Eric Davis KSWG Vice Commander, Brag Board - Color Guard at National Guard Museum, ES - First Aid Memo

18  Hanger Heroes - Lt Col Doug Dutton, Brag Board - Remembering Our Fallen Exhibit letter, Cadet Programs - Encampments, KSWG Encampment

11  News - NCR Glider Academy Begins, ES - Buffalo Mule 21, Cadet Programs - C/SSgt Noah Kusmaul, C/SSgt Keeton William Vandenberg Foust

04  Wheels-Up - Remember Why You Joined, ES - STAFFEX with MOWG, Cadet Programs - Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing Academy

May 2021

28  News - BG Phelka Next National Commander, Answer the Call - Support the Remembering Our Fallen  Exhibit, ES - KDEM mobile vaccination station, Cadet Programs - Malachi Feil

21  News - COVID-19 Protection Phase Change, Brag Board - Glider Accomplishments, Wheels Up - Training and Education Program, ES - Flying Blood, Cadet Programs - C/Capt Jonathan Spoula, C/SSgt Brody Wagner, C/Ssgt Max Carter

14  News - COVID-19 Protection Phase Change, ES - Training Spotlight: GTM Task O-0702, SAREX 21-03, Cadet Programs - Form 60-81 Signatures for Encampment

07  News - COVID-19 Protection Phase, Brag Board - ROTC Cadet Leif White, Life Saving Certificates, Wheels Up - What Can You  Do For CAP?, ES - KDEM mobile vaccine mission, Cadet Programs - Operation DIAMOND FORGE I

April 2021

30  News - Wing Conference, Brag Board - 50-Year Award Col Jerome Hanson, Wheels Up - Call to Action, ES - Mobile COVID vaccine unit, Cadet Programs - C/SSgt Benaiah Vanderlugt, Curry Voucher Extension

23  News - Emporia Senior Flight Status, Brag Board - Lt Col Eric Davis Commercial Glider Certification, Capt Eduardo Matta CFI and promotion to Captain, C/MSgt Anna Torres appointment to USAFA, Answer the Call - Coordinator Operation Pulse Lift, ES - General ES Guide

16  News - Vice Commander Transfer, Answer the Call - Coordinator Operation Pulse Lift, Wheels Up - Diversity, ES - Training Spotlight: Airborne Photographer #2, Cadet Programs - Spaatz Assoc. Dinner

02  Hangar Heroes - June Ferguson, Brag Board - Life Saving Cert. Lt Col Doug Dutton (2), Maj David St. John (11), 1st Lt Tom Page, Answer the Call - Coordinator Operation Pulse Lift, Wheels Up - Situational Awareness (cameras are everywhere), ES - Flying Red Cross Mercy Missions

March 2021

26  Answer the Call - Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing Academy, Wing Project Officer, Operation Pulse Lift Coordinator, ES - Training Spotlight: Airborne Photographer, Special one-time CAPF 71 inspection of all CAP aircraft, Cadet Programs - C/SSgt Grace Merry

19  News - Maj A.W. Pickel is transfer to Government Relations, Lt Col Jack Gonzenbach transfer to Director of Finance, Answer the Call - Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing Academy, Awards Coordinator, ES - SAREX 21-02, Cadet Programs - Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing Academy Support

12  Wheels Up - Why Don’t I Get Called For Missions?, ES - SAREX 21-02 Mission

05  SAREX 21-02, COVID-19 Protection Measures Matrix

Feb 2021

26  Brag Board - Maj Art Grover RetiresC/Amn Robert Fairbank, Wing Conference Survey, Awards Review Board

19  Hangar Heroes - Maj David St. John, Brag Board - Lt Col Eric Davis promotion, Diversity Officer, Awards Review Board, Wheels Up - Lt Col Chris Snyder Chief of Staff, KSWG Website Launch, ES - Orientation Flights, NCR Glider Academy, Cadet Programs - KSWG Hosts two NCSAs


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