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NOTE: COVID-19 may impact operations. The encampment will move forward provided KSWG has entered phase III of the COVID-19 remobilization program or obtained a waiver to operate in phase II. A go/no-go decision will be announced no later than 8 December 2021.


The 13th Cadet Training Group is taking applications for the 2021 Kansas Wing winter encampment.


Staff: 26 December 2021 1500-1700 CST
Students: 27 December 2021 1200-1400 CST

All attendees report to Kansas National Guard Regional Training Institute Salina, KS during the above hours to complete in-processing. The address is 2929 Scanlan Ave., Salina, KS 67401.

Early arrival is not permitted for those other than staff. There will be no exceptions to this rule. For staff travelling with students, report to in-processing during student hours. Notify the encampment staff at encampment@kswg.cap.gov if you are in this situation.


All departures will occur on 2 January 2022 by 1200.


Students - $230
Cadet Staff - $175
Senior Staff - $100

No payments will be accepted until after the COVID-19 go/no-go decision date, 8 December 2020.


All participants must fill out the travel form no matter how you are arriving. Travel in the PT uniform (see the packing list) or, if travelling commercially, appropriate civilian clothing. Commercial travel in CAP uniform is NOT authorized.

For those travelling by air, forward the airline itinerary email from your booking to encampment@kswg.cap.gov with subject line "Travel Itinerary - <rank> <first name> <last name>" where your name is filled in as stated. Do not send images of any kind. Directly forward the email.

Shuttle services will be available from Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport (KICT). Staff shuttles will depart 26 December 2021 1300. First time attendee (student) shuttles will depart 27 December 2021 1300. Ensure your flight arrives at least one hour prior to your scheduled shuttle time. Senior staff will be in the baggage claim area in CAP uniform to receive you. Weather and flight delays will be monitored by staff. Delays due to no fault of your own will be arranged for by staff. If you miss the shuttle otherwise, you are responsible for your own transport from Wichita to Salina. All delays on inbound flights must be reported immediately to encampment@kswg.cap.gov.

Departure flights must be booked for 2 January 2022 after 1330 or you will not arrive on time to the airport. All shuttles will leave encampment at 1130.


Cadet staff: registration closes 20 November 2021 2359
Senior staff: registration closes 20 November 2021 2359

Students: registration closes 15 December 2021 2359

See the registration page for instructions.

COVID-19 Protocol

All participants must wear a CAPR 39-1 compliant facemask at all times unless specified by the Encampment Commander. All participants in any capacity must meet at least one of the following criteria at in-processing:

  • Member's home wing is in phase 3 of the COVID-19 remobilization program

  • Member is fully vaccinated as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Member has proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of the start of travel

  • Member self-certifies that they have quarantined for 14 days prior to the start of travel

Temperature checks will occur regularly. Any member suspected of symptomatic COVID-19 (defined as two or more of the symptoms listed by the CDC) or exposed to someone suspected of symptomatic COVID-19 must immediately quarantine and will be tested. Should their test return positive, the return home plan will be implemented immediately. All attendees shall have a plan in place prior to attending encampment to return home within 24 hours of a positive test result. They will be isolated until their departure plan can be put into effect. If their condition becomes severe, they will be released from encampment into the care of a medical facility.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation will take place at 2929 Scanlan Ave., Salina, KS 67401 on 2 January 2022 from 1000-1100. This is the same location as in-processing. Families are welcome to attend. Facemasks are required.

Contact Information

For those external to CAP and CAP senior members, contact the Commander, 13th Cadet Training Group:

Capt Bradley Doubrava, CAP

For cadets, contact the Commandant of Cadets:

TBD (use encampment@kswg.cap.gov temporarily while this position is empty)

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